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Treasures of the Eldorado

Treasures of the Eldorado invites you to explore mysterious archeological dig sites situated in lands far from here, offering Treasure Hunters over $2 MILLION in free prizes. Club Eldorado Members are offered a chance to guide Eldorado Jones through a maze of unknown challenges defying all odds to secure your place in Eldorado history. By inserting your Club Eldorado card each day, your excavation will reward you prizes, drawing tickets, exclusive invitations to parties and fortunes untold... until now. Treasures of the Eldorado, a promotion the likes of which Reno has never seen, exclusive to the members of Club Eldorado.

Daily Treasure Hunt

Club Eldorado VIP, Gold, Gold Plus, Premier and President's Members are eligible to participate up to six times daily (in two hour intervals.) Simply go to the Treasures of the Eldorado Pyramid and insert your Club Eldorado Card in a game kiosk. A treasure is distributed every time you play. Treasures won include cash, restaurant, show and gift shop discounts, souvenir treasures and much more. Every Club Eldorado Member can win up to six times daily! Go forth and dig.

Artifact Collection

Each prize distributed through the promotional kiosk also includes an artifact for your collection. These artifacts are placed into your personal Treasure Chamber each time you play the game. Collect 3, close a path and treasure awaits you! By collecting 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 artifacts, you will receive a Treasures of the Eldorado collectable pin. Each series begins a new program so collect all six during each promotional period.