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July 5 - 10, 2016


The Brew Brothers

Timeless music and timeless performances are the two main focal points that create the essence of Audioboxx. Alongside of trying to provide the best entertainment value, they haven’t forgotten that being personable, seeing your smiles, and sharing laughter that absorbs our spirit is the most important part of being a band.

Audioboxx is Mario, Andy, Jesse, and Beau. They are all humbly blessed to have found the chemistry that works like magic between them. The combination of super sonic guitar leads and rhythms, grounded by a rock solid rhythm section produces a groove and pocket that feels almost too good. Then add the lead vocal stylings with the back up vocals and fuhgeddaboudit!

One of the most important keys to Audioboxx's show is they truly love playing the songs… songs they grew up with. And for the most part, songs the audience grew up with as well. Our integrity lays in reproducing these songs as everyone is used to hearing them originally. Our song selection covers a wide spectrum from Steve Miller to Pantera, and all the goodies in between.