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Tuesday October 16, 2012

Laura Longero

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Employees, Supervisors of the Third Quarter Honored at the Eldorado

Fourteen team members at the Eldorado Hotel Casino have been chosen by managers and peers as the Employees and Supervisors of the Quarter. Those earning this honor represent the best among the best in various departments around the Eldorado, exceeding guest service standards, demonstrating high powered work ethic and truly making a difference.

The Eldorado would like to congratulate the following team members on a job well done.

Employees of the Quarter

Esther Carmona De Morales, Housekeeping

Zeny Parawan, Front Desk

Michele Clark, Games

Jordan Cervalli, Promotions

Julio Cuadra Chicas, Roxy

Sharon Tucker, Tivoli Gardens

Arelis Diaz Figueroa, The Buffet

Thomas Hernandez, Tivoli Gardens

Brett Howsley, Inventory Control

Supervisors of the Quarter

Patty Wright, Front Desk

Andrew Bonaldi, Slots

Fernando Martinez, The Prime Rib Grill

Wai Yeun Cheung, Pho Mein

John Franklin, Inventory Control

Each team member listed has shown their dedication to the Eldorado through excellence on the job. “We’re proud to have so many diligent employees at the Eldorado,” says Gene Carano, Vice President and General Manager of the Eldorado. “By choosing Supervisors and Employees of the Quarter we’re able show our appreciation for the people who help make this a great environment for our guests and the rest of our staff.”

The Eldorado congratulates and thanks each Supervisor and Employee of the Quarter for their hard work and dedication.