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Javier Rocha has spent his entire culinary career at the Eldorado Hotel Casino. In 1987, when he was just 17, Javier began training under the supervision of Gregg Carano and former Banquet/Buffet chef John Fischer. “Being hands on and working side-by-side with the culinary team at the Eldorado was the best school I could have imagined.” said Javier. He credits Gregg Carano for being his mentor, teacher and leader.

Over the years Javier has worked in many of the kitchens on the property including in the pantry, the bakery and in banquets, but it’s in The Buffet that he feels most at home – and he’s been there since 1997. Javier’s passion for food, flavors and variety is a perfect match for the cuisine at The Buffet.