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Anthony Ashworth learned to cook at a very young age from his grandmother who would feed her 10 children, dozens of grandchildren and friends of the family three to four times a week. As the oldest of the grandchildren, Anthony received a lot of experience when it came to cooking for a crowd. His formal training began at the culinary and business school at Drexel University in Philadelphia and continued as he worked his way around New York.

Still just a young culinarian, Anthony found his way to Reno in 2001 and then to the Eldorado in 2002 where he’s worked his way up to room chef at The Prime Rib Grill.

Anthony specializes in food from his home region of Appalachia. His goal is to fuse his basis of Appalachian food with The Grill through perfection of technique and preservation of the best ingredients available. His first step was to implement an aging process for the prime rib that intensifies the flavor of the meat.

Working at his side on the line is sous chef, Trevor Barker, a James Beard award winning Oregon Culinary Institute graduate.